From Surviving to Thriving.
How to become a
Soul Warrior

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    Angela DeSalvo

    Creator of:

    ~Transformational Soul Work ~

    Intuitive Life & Grief Coach

    Spiritual Medium

    Reader of the Akash

    A Note From Angela

    For the ones who over think, feel the feelings, are curious about the process, believe there's more than meets the eye, allows the wonderment of your childlike nature to take hold, and especially for those who yearn to slow down but don’t seem to know how to trust the process,

    for this is for you!

    I created this workbook as a starter companion for self inquiry. It includes the first element (and its sub-elements), and second element of the 7 element Soul Work Method. A more in depth journal is provided in my new book, Soul Warrior: How to Liberate Yourself from Survival Mode and Thrive Through any Challenge. Upon reading Soul Warrior, you will find the journal is more geared to material in the book.

    The tools of the Soul Work Method offer you a chance to liberate yourself from the familiar and, in time, welcome in your true nature.

    Allow Curiosity to Lead You,

    With love, Angela

    You'll Walk Away With:

    • An Understanding of the Soul Work Method and how to apply the teachings to your life
    • Self Reflection Prompts based on the Elements of Soul Work
    • A Framework for prioritizing your Self-Care Practices
    • A deeper connection to Self and your emotional body.